Books of the Year

What is a book of the year?

This isn’t my favorite book, or the most informative book, or even the book that was the most entertaining.

It’s a book that gives me the same feeling as many books from former Literature classes. While I don’t always enjoy the reading process, I come out on the other side with more knowledge and a better perspective. In other words, it’s the book that resonates with me the most, that I think about long after I’ve finished the final page.

All of these descriptions are going to be spoiler free, because spoilers are evil. I’d highly encourage you to check them out if any seem intriguing.

2018: Educated - Tara Westover

I’ll admit that I was not a fan of this book until about halfway through. But ultimately, it was a story of abuse, indepence, and breaking free from what holds you back. I often think back to it.

2019: Atomic Habits - James Clear

I’m not sure if you can have spoilers for a nonfiction book. Regardless, I am a James Clear hipster; I knew about him before he was cool. Joking aside, I was already familiar with James’ work on his site, which focuses on creating good habits, breaking bad ones, and a generally practical and positive perspective on how to live better. I was glad to see it compiled into one source. The book is a combination of some of his past articles with plenty of new content as well. If I could only give someone one nonfiction book, this would be it. Every time I re-read it, I pick up something new that I missed.

My greatest issue with nonfiction books is saying in 10 pages what should be said in 1. Atomic Habits does not have this problem. Each page is packed to the brim with action you can take right now.

2020: Maybe The Martian…maybe not.

So far I’ve enjoyed it the most. But there’s still plenty of time to change my mind.

Thanks for reading.

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